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S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Northern Passage
Balazs Pataki
5 star sci-fi/action adventure
Life goes on in the Exclusion Zone around ill-fated Chernobyl – adventurers calling themselves Stalkers hunt for valuable artifacts, mutants hunt for Stalkers and the Zone still decides over the fate of souls living within its wild frontiers. Behind the scenes, the Ukrainian Secret Service is forcing a fallen hero to betray a friend.

Patria L. Dunn (Patria Dunn-Rowe)
New release contemporary fantasy
When nineteen year old Evelyn Barns wakes up two hundred and forty-three pounds lighter, her heart’s desire suddenly becomes her curse.

The Kate Jones Thriller Series 1-4 (Boxed Set)
D.V. Berkom
The novellas in this set get 4 stars or higher!
A boxed set of four novellas in the best-selling Kate Jones Thriller Series.

Surface Tension (Seychelle Sullivan #1)
Christine Kling
4+ star mystery
As a female tugboat captain, Seychelle is one of the genre’s more unusual amateur sleuths, and Kling makes her one of its more endearing ones as well. – Publishers Weekly

Peer Pressure
Chris Watt
4+ star contemporary fiction
“Peer Pressure” is a comic drama about mothers and daughters. It’s a story about the ever decreasing generation gap between parent and child, about friendship and jealousy, about first loves and second chances.

A Choice of Nightmares
Lynn Kostoff
4+ star suspense/thriller
A noir thriller that delivers with vivid writing, smart plotting, and a deeper-than-usual insight into its flawed central character. – Kirkus

Parts Unknown
S.P. Davidson
New release contemporary fiction/romance
As her dream lover becomes uncomfortably real, she’s faced with choosing which man to stay with, and protecting the one person who means most to her.

Meet the Annas: A Musical Novel
Robert Dunn
5 star contemporary fiction
In the early 1960s, the girl group The Annas ruled rock ‘n’ roll with their wild beehive hair-dos, soaring harmonies, and bad-girl attitudes. Narrated by their songwriter, Dink Stephenson, this suspenseful tale follows the rollercoaster life and mysterious death of the haunted-eyed and raven-haired lead singer, Anna Dubower.

Friends from Damascus
Cliff Happy
5 star adventure/espionage
Haunted by a past she can’t escape, CIA’s top assassin Talia Cavalieri is facing her most dangerous assignment to date. She must neutralize an international team of eight special ops commandos. Known simply as the friends from Damascus, the rogue unit continues to elude her on a world-wide chase. Talia uses every trick in her considerable arsenal before the final showdown.


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