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Red Baker
Robert Ward
4+ star contemporary fiction
Red Baker is a classic American novel about a man with no identity who tries to replace the one he’s lost.

Isn’t It Pretty To Think So?
Nick Miller
4+ star literary fiction
It is here that people come to escape reality, to run from all that they’ve loved and lost. And it is here, among so much excess, that Jake will try to mend his porous heart.

Louise Forster
4+ star romantic comedy
London-based chef, Jennifer Dove believes she leads an exciting life, until her unconventional sister, and wanna-be Goth niece, join her to attend their uncle’s mad-cap funeral in Australia. Barely hours into her stay, she disturbs an intruder and is questioned by police.

Ever Shade: A Dark Faerie Tale
Alexia Purdy
5 star contemporary fantasy
Magic and malice abound and nothing is what it really seems to be.

Fake Kate
David Wailing
4+ star chick lit mystery
Belinda can’t believe it. Her sister Kate finally tries online dating and lines up no less than eight dates! One of whom knows why Kate has vanished. To find her, Belinda will have to pretend to be her. Go on her dates, hang out with her friends, fake her entire life. Only to discover Kate had been faking too, for a very long time…

Prairie Fire
Dan Armstrong
4+ star thriller
A difficult cat and mouse game ensues with the National Guard trying to protect the grain fields from the disgruntled farmers and the federal authorities attempting to capture the Robin Hood-like Cromwell in his own backyard.

Catch a Falling Knife
Frank Foster
4+ star thriller
Fresh out of federal witness protection and enjoying the pleasures of Venice, Italy, former mobster Vinny Fabrizio is offered the criminal chance of a lifetime: $10 million to destroy a crucially located container ship port and a shot at his FBI nemesis, Jack Rivers.The catch? He’s being paid by anti-American Islamic insurgents, and the port is back home on American soil.

The Scent of Fear
Tom Adair
4 star thriller
Sarah and Daniel have each stood face to face with evil before. This time they will face the threat together. Youthful and impulsive, Sarah is a tough; no-nonsense criminalist determined to measure up to the male cops around her. Daniel is a former special ops soldier adjusting to civilian life while working at his uncles forensic science center. Now, two killers have brought them together.

Journey to Riverbend
Henry McLaughlin
4 star historical fiction
Michael Archer is nothing if not a man of his word. Though he was unable to save Ben Carstairs, Michael is determined to carry out Ben’s dying wish: to be reconciled with his father. Unfortunately, Sam Carstairs, one of the most ruthless businessmen on the frontier, has no use for his own son, much less a man of God seeking reconciliation.

Donna Sturgeon
5 star contemporary fiction
It’s a long, winding journey of self-discovery full of potholes, pregnancy tests, lobster tattoos, Walmart scooters, impromptu weddings, hump-happy Boston terriers, and a sexy, but oh-so-annoying police officer who pops up around every curve.


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