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Nonfiction FREEBIES

The Woman’s Book of Soul
Sue Patton Thoele
5 stars
This collection of the best short reflections from Sue Patton Thoele offers encouraging and practical touchstones for all women. They can be read over and over to help overcome anxiety, gain self-esteem, and improve relationships.

The Answers To 350 Quirky Questions (Quirky Questions And Answers For Kids)
Stuart Fish
New release
This children’s book has over 60 pages of funny, entertaining and enlightening facts about their bodies, animals, the universe, music, sport, life and our world in general and is a great read for young boys and girls – and for their parents.

How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs, 2012 Edition
Paul Rega
4+ stars
In a message to his readers, Paul believes that despite the many challenges faced by those suffering as a result of the weak job market, change in one’s life can be positive. He explains that, “Change throughout your life is inevitable, and as your life changes so often does your career.” His book is an effective guide that will provide you with the necessary tools, skills and inside knowledge from a professional recruiter to help you navigate through difficult economic times and find a new job or change careers.


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