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FREE Pregnancy Guide

Mom’s Lifestyle Guide to Pregnancy & The Journey to Motherhood, An easy-to-understand Pregnancy Guide
Lori Ramsey
Unrated new release

Benefit from this pregnancy guide written in first person experience by a mother of six children. Every little detail a mom faces during pregnancy, every decision from choosing from midwife or doctor, hospital or home birth to breast or bottle and cloth or disposable diapers has a brief explanation. Read details about the mom and baby during each of the three trimesters.

Chapters include early pregnancy symptoms, what to expect during the doctor visits, tests and procedures during the prenatal phase, the hormones of pregnancy, how to deal with morning sickness, high risk pregnancies, how to be comfortable during pregnancy and even dealing with preterm labor.

Also included is a brief explanation of childbirth education classes plus details about labor and birth. There is even an explanation about cesareans.

The last six chapters are details of the author’s six births, because she knows that most pregnant women love to read birth stories.


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