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Nonfiction FREEBIES

Love Life!
Richard Rogers
New release, spirituality/personal growth
Love Life! is a father’s ‘top tips’ for his sons.
Framed as a collection of 21st Century proverbs it offers a helping hand through the complexities of life. It provides advice on practical themes such as money, work and problem-solving as well as the more tricky areas such as girlfriends, sex, justice, forgiveness and God.

My Fire’s Gone Out! – How to Cope With Change in Your Work and Life
Liam O’Connell
5 star motivational/personal growth
My fire’s gone out! is a simple, funny and yet profound story about coping with change. The fire is a metaphor for what is really important to you in your life or your work. In this fast-paced modern world we live in,we are faced with many challenges and complex choices. Sometimes our personal fire can go out and this book can help you get that spark back to relight your fire!

Conquering Babel: A Practical Guide to Learning a Language
Claire Handscombe
5 star reference/language instruction
So, this time you’re really going to do it. You’re really going to learn a language. But where do you even start? “Conquering Babel” offers hints, tips and recommendations from an experienced language tutor.

Words With Friends: 20 Tips And Strategies To Dominate Your Opponents
New release, word game reference
The tips relate to both beginners and more experienced players.


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