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Kick it up a notch this Sunday with one of these FREEBIES!

The Constantine Codex (Skeleton Series)
Paul L. Maier
3+ star thriller
Harvard Professor Jonathan Weber is finally enjoying a season of peace when a shocking discovery thrusts him into the national spotlight once again. While touring monasteries in Greece, Jon and his wife Shannon—a seasoned archaeologist—uncover an ancient biblical manuscript containing the lost ending of Mark and an additional book of the Bible. If proven authentic, the codex could forever change the way the world views the holy Word of God.

Life Sentences: Book One in the Chad Wilbank Series
Tekla Dennison Miller
5 star psychological thriller
Celeste Brookstone has the perfect life. On the surface when her daughter takes a job with the Michigan Prison System, she fears for Pilar’s safety. But she’s glad she’s away from the hell on earth Marcus Brookstone has created within his own home. Pilar Brookstone is an idealist. She thinks she can change things, Make inmates’ lives a little better. And never, ever make the mistake her mother made. Chad Wilbanks is a serial killer. He is serving life. Eight young women were his victims. Is he about to take his ninth?

The Flaw in the Fabric (A Travellers Guide for Lost Souls)
Jim Lindsey
5 star paranormal suspense
Through a flaw in the fabric of time and space, Raymond Kidd is cast back to the past where he’s a ship’s captain fresh out of the madhouse. He returns to present-day Halifax as a man with a mixed identity, stuck with the responsibility, assigned him in his passage between lives, of serving as a guide for the lost souls of the in between.

Guns: Book One in the John Hardin Series
Phil Bowie
4 star suspense
In his debut novel, Bowie presents the smart, cocksure Sam Bass, a man with a mysterious past. To the handful of inhabitants on a tiny island off the coast of North Carolina, including Valerie, the Cherokee widow whom he loves, Sam is a laid-back pilot-for-hire. When he becomes a local hero after rescuing an elderly couple from their storm-battered boat, the human interest story is picked up by the wire services and draws the attention of men from his past. Intent on killing him and addressing him as “The Cowboy,” the mystery men fail to get Sam but unintentionally kill Valerie, leaving her young son orphaned and Sam hell-bent on revenge.

Mobley’s Law, A Mobley Meadows Novel
Gerald Lane Summers
5 star historical fiction/western
Federal Governor, Edmund Jackson Davis, has ruled Texas with an iron fist since the end of the Civil War, but must now stand for election against a majority of citizens made up of ex-confederate sympathizers and soldiers. President Grant appoints Judge Mobley Meadows to the Texas Federal Circuit Court and charges him with preventing the situation from getting out of hand. Davis quickly realizes that Mobley is a threat when he overturns the Governor’s land reappraisal decree, a source of graft for Davis’s supporters, and sends his personal assassin to get rid of Mobley.

A Sorcerer’s Treason: A Novel of Isavalta, Book One
Sarah Zettel
New release fantasy from an award-winning author!
Bridget Lederle resides in the lighthouse she’s tended since her father died. Here, on the rocky shore of Lake Superior, she’s alone with the bitter ignominy of her birth, the shame of her love child’s death, and the ghost of a mother she never really knew . . .
That all changes on the wintry night she rescues a mysterious, charismatic stranger whose boat is nearly dashed upon the rocks. After she’s nursed him back to health, he tells her a fantastical tale . . . of another world, where somehow only she can save the beleaguered Empress from sorcerous plottings to usurp the throne.

The Lost Man
Ward Warner
New release mystery
Detective Evan East is about to go out of business. His clients have dried up and so have his chances. But his mentor Michael Stetson offers him a way out: become a high-paid hitman servicing New York’s wealthy elite. Swayed by the promise of money and Stetson’s backing, Evan takes his first job. His target is a cheating wife in sleepy Staten Island. But when Evan reaches the house, he discovers he’s not the only shooter–and she’s not the only target.


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