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Clutter Antidote: The Ultimate Guide To Decluttering And Organizing Your Home
Caitlin Kaur
5 stars
Let’s face it: clutter is a problem. Some people’s houses are so full of junk and clutter that they avoid even spending time at home. Not only can hoarding affect relationships and cause a home to become unlivable but it can even become a life threatening problem. If any of this sounds familiar then Clutter Antidote is for you.

How Much Do You Weigh?: The Stigma Defying Photobook
Erin Nieto (Author), Sheila Daniels (Photographer)
4 stars
A book. With pictures. Of women just like you. And in plain sight for all to see, the number that their scales read that morning. No apologies. No hedging. Letting it be what it is and opening up the secret for you, stigma be damned. Surprise and serendipity await.

The New York Subway Finder (2012 Edition)
Barry Krusch
One 5 star rating
Subway maps are very useful, but they weren’t designed to give instant subway directions to any Manhattan address. For example, suppose you have a job interview at 150 Greenwich St. What is the closest station to that address? Look at a subway map. Can’t answer the question, can you? The New York Subway Finder will give you that answer instantly, not only telling you the closest station, but all the lines which go to that station. An essential purchase for travelers to New York . . . and New Yorkers too!


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