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Put Monday out of your Mind with a FREE Romance!

Counting Down
Lilah Boone
New release contemporary/futuristic romance
Abigail Connelly has been having dreams about the end of the world. As news reports from all over the planet begin reporting disaster, Abby realizes it’s time to take action. She flees to rural Kansas and to her family farm where she knows an old fallout shelter is buried on the property. There she meets Kyle Windstone, a very unusual farmer with equally unusual abilities. Together they will discover what it takes to survive and learn what really makes life worth fighting for.

Remembering You – a novel
Robynne Rand
New release contemporary romance
When Genna goes home to Rhode Island to spend a long-awaited vacation, she finds that her family is falling apart and she has only twenty-one days to put them back together.

After I Do
Vicky Gemmell
5 star contemporary fiction
Between England, South Africa and an island off Oman, where will Clio find happiness? And how?

Me and My Ghoulfriends (Larue Donavan, Book 1)
Rose Pressey
4 star paranormal romance
By day, Larue Donavan is a down-to-earth bookstore owner. But by night, she’s a world-renowned psychic investigator dedicated to helping lost spirits find peace. Dead people won’t leave her alone and Abraham Lincoln thinks he’s in charge of her lovelife. Larue can handle ghosts and undead presidents. It’s the living who drive her crazy.

Get Bunny Love
Kathleen Long
4 star romantic comedy
Snuggle into your bunny slippers and prepare to be charmed. Long has a corner on the love and laughter market! — Vicki Lewis Thompson, New York Times Bestselling Author


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