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The Paper American
Lina Rudel
5 stars
How, during the horrific years of World War II in Germany, did two loving, caring, gentle and intelligent Jewish women become forever imprinted into a German child’s heart?
Certain parts of THE PAPER AMERICAN will lead you to issues neither heard nor seen before, never before taught in American schools. Here is the other side of war, where the heroics of survival infuse every instant of day-to-day life.

A Thousand Voices
Jeri Parker
5 stars
A memoir of the remarkable relationship between a young, single woman and the wild, beautiful deaf boy who, for a time, took the place of the son she’d lost, A THOUSAND VOICES is a song of love and grief and a profound meditation on the limits—and the limitlessness—of human language.

Becoming Johnny Nova
David Kupisiewicz
5 stars
‘Becoming Johnny Nova’ is author David Kupisiewicz’s only slightly heated up account of his late adolescent years on the outskirts of L.A., navigating his taste for danger around beer, bikes, songs-and-bongs and attempted dating, with the encouragement of his mostly reprobate friends, and in the face of the stoic resistance of his archetypically disapproving parents.


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