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The funnell method – fun and easy language learning for kids
Sanja Cinkopan (Author), Roland Cinkopan (Author)
This method is a fun and easy way for learning any foreign language, meant namely for youngest children. The method is useful for older children and grownups as well, but it gives best results if it is introduced at an early age. Learning foreign languages in this way is effortless, without hard work and conscious trying. Language acquisition actually happens spontaneously, through everyday activities which most children enjoy and look forward to. Parents themselves don’t have to know the foreign language in order for the child to learn it, and can still make it possible in the comfort of their own home, without a lot of engagement and without spending a lot of money.

The Contented Achiever: How to Get What You Want and Love What You Get
Crouch Chris (Author), Hutson Don (Author), Lucas George (Author)
5 stars
This book will bring clarity, simplicity and a sense of purpose to high achievers. While many people are high achievers, and some people are quite contented, it is very rare indeed to find a person who is both at the same time.

Passive Solar Simplified: Easily design a truly green house for Colorado and the West
Thomas Doerr
Unrated new release
This book just what you need to know to design a passive solar home design for the western states, and learn this without extraneous and confusing information. Save over 80% of your heating and cooling bills, improve your health, and tread more lightly on the planet.


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