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Undetectable (Great Minds Thriller)
M. C. Soutter
5 star thriller
Undetectable is the story of Kevin Brooks, the first test subject of a new and unproven neurological technique called scrubbing. A private-school teacher in Manhattan, he has just landed a brand new job. It’s the most important, most dangerous job he’ll ever have. He just doesn’t know about it yet.

Once We Were Kings (Epic Fantasy) (The Sojourner Saga)
Ian Alexander
4+ star epic fantasy
In a world where the Sojourners, a nearly extinct race with preternatural abilities struggle to preserve their faith and heritage, destiny thrusts two youths from opposing nations into the heart of a centuries-old conflict.

No Turning Back (Kathleen Turner Series)
Tiffany A. Snow
4+ star romantic suspense
It’s the middle of the night when Kathleen hears fighting coming from Sheila’s apartment. As disturbing as that is, it’s the ominous sound of silence afterwards that keeps Kathleen from falling back to sleep. Slipping from bed with the intention of making sure everything is okay, Kathleen knocks on her friend’s door, only to find Sheila murdered, her naked body sprawled on sheets stained crimson with her blood.

Detour to Dusk
Linell Jeppsen
4+ star paranormal suspense
A ragged band of vampires are cutting a bloody path of destruction from Alaska to Washington State! As frost turns the leaves gold and paints the high mountain treetops silver, hundreds of hunters arrive in Swan Valley for their annual deer hunt. What they don’t know is an outcast band of vampires have arrived, as well.

The Ghost Hunters Club
L K Jay
5 star contemporary fiction/humor
Three single women in their thirties spend a summer ghost hunting whilst also trying to sort out their chaotic personal lives.

Small Pleasures: Mya’s Story
Darnishia Bolden
4+ star literary fiction/domestic abuse
Brutally honest and graphically told, Mya introduces the reader to the life of a family fighting for love and normalcy, and struggling to remain together.

Celebrity Shopper (Annie Valentine)
Carmen Reid
4 star contemporary romance
In a bid to cement her position as TV’s fashion queen, Annie takes her crew to Paris to shoot an unforgettable episode of her programme at a glamorous catwalk show. But with Svetlana, the Ukrainian billionaire divorcee, in the mix, you know things won’t be straightforward.

Extinction Point – Book One
Paul Jones
4 star sci-fi adventure
Reporter Emily Baxter has a great job, an apartment in Manhattan, and a boyfriend she loves. All that changes the day the red rain falls from a cloudless sky. Just hours after the first reports from Europe, humanity is on the brink of extinction, wiped from the face of the earth in a few bloody moments, leaving Emily alone in an empty city.


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