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Nonfiction FREEBIES

Happiness: Simple Ideas to Help Create a Better Life
Chris Crouch
Unrated, newer release
Happiness is the most sought after emotion in the world. This book is a collection of simple ideas to help you find what so many are seeking. Give them a try; they will make a difference in your life.

The Hot Tub Diet: Get Out of the Gym, Into the Hot Tub, and Lose Weight
Bridget Praytor
5 stars
The Hot Tub Diet is a book for anyone who is tired of diets that don’t work, tired of punishing exercises, tired of buying shoes because only accessories “look cute” on you, and tired of feeling bad about yourself—and anyone who is ready to change your mindset, feel confident, and finally have a body you love.

One Life to Ride – A Motorcycle Journey to the High Himalayas
Ajit Harisinghani
4+ star travelogue
Travelling across India on a motorcycle is an intimate way to get acquainted with its myriad cultures, each with their unique beliefs and lifestyle. One Life to Ride takes you across the hot and dusty plains of India to the highest motorable road in the world — the fabled Khardung-La in Ladakh.

Still Life With Brass Pole
Craig Machen
4+ star memoir
Craig Machen, film and television writer, is the author of Still Life With Brass Pole, a remarkable memoir about coming-of-age as a strip club bouncer, finding his way amidst a culture of sex, alcohol and drug abuse, and dysfunction, and finally realizing his dream of becoming a dad. Still Life is above all, a story of personal redemption, and what struck me most about it was the heart, humor, honesty, and compassion with which Craig writes. — Jennifer M. Kaufman, Books, Personally & The Best Damn Book Blog


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