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FREE Adrenaline Rush with these Titles!

Red Phoenix
Larry Bond (Author), Patrick Larkin (Author)
5 star thriller
“Fast, furious, and powerfully realistic. A stunning scenario of modern war.”
-W.E.B Griffin, bestselling author of Brotherhood of War

Echo of Darkness (North Coast Mystery #2)
Crystal D. Budy
5 star mystery
Special Agent Stevie Winters has recently transferred into the violent crimes unit of the FBI’s Cleveland division, a boys club where her presence is not welcome with open arms. On her second day, Stevie is thrown into her first homicide investigation when a case from the past comes back to haunt the unit and a serial killer they never caught starts killing again. This book contains strong language, violence, and adult content that is not acceptable for anyone under the age of 17.

Double Bind
Seb Kirby
5 star thriller
Imagine not only the sort of identity theft where someone steals your credit card and passwords but where s/he effectively becomes you. The physical resemblance is so close it fools your nearest and dearest.

THREE DAYS to DIE: A Thriller
John Avery
4+ star crime thriller
Kidnapped by a psychotic killer, thirteen-year-old Aaron Quinn is forced to participate in a deadly crime spree. What must his beautiful, courageous, single mother sacrifice to save his life?

Poison in the Shadows
J. K. Crimson (Author), Tabatha Manuel (Author)
4+ star mystery
As Jordan uncovers Samantha’s secret life of lies, sex, and betrayal, the past demons she thought were buried, are back once again. Will her investigation lead to Samantha’s killer or face to face of her own death?

Dangerous Past
A. Ebbers
4+ star thriller
Airline Captain Frank Braden is being stalked by unknown assailants who must arrange his death to look like a suicide or an accident before a specific deadline. He receives an unsigned message warning him against attending a Senate hearing in Washington. If he agrees, he will receive a million dollars and his wife’s life.


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