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The Hunt (aka 27)
William Diehl
Newly released as an e-book, spy thriller
As the world trembles with the approach of World War II, a woman dies at the hands of Hitler’s henchmen. Her murder forever changes her lover, Francis Scott Keegan, a relentless anti-Nazi mercenary, who becomes locked in a desperate cat-and-mouse game with the Third Reich’s perfect spy, a man of a thousand faces.
“The best book of its kind since THE DAY OF THE JACKAL…Edge-of-the-seat stuff.”

Out on a Limb
Lynne Barrett-Lee
New release contemporary romance
But fate seems to have something else in mind for Abbie, in the shape of her demanding and incorrigible mother, whose feckless fourth husband, Hugo, has just died. Temporarily in a wheelchair after a recent knee op, Diana – retired TV fitness icon and dancer – will need looking after, so will have to move in. Still, Abbie tells herself – gritting her teeth – it won’t be for more than a few weeks…

Finian Black
4+ star supernatural thriller
The ultimate lucky break gives John Harris and his family the opportunity to fulfill their wildest dreams. But all dreams have a darker side, and John’s past is never far away, ready to reach through to cast its shadow.

Sweet Dreams (UNCUT Edition)(Hard-Boiled Thriller) (A Mark Appleton Thriller)
Aaron Patterson
4 star thriller
Mark Appleton is living the American Dream. Beautiful wife, loving daughter, and a high paying job in New York City. But when his family is killed in an accident he must reinvent himself. A year later, in the midst of putting his life back together, Mark finds out that his family was killed and it was…no accident.

Maybe Baby
Lani Diane Rich
4+ star contemporary romance
Dana Wiley is having a very, very bad day. It starts when she realizes she never should have let her deep-seated fear of marriage cause her to leave the love of her life, Nick Maybe, at the altar. Then, she discovers that her old nemesis, Melanie Biggs, is after her winery. To save her business, she’s forced to go to Manhattan to ask her eccentric mother, Babs Wiley McGregor, for help.

Living Lies (Book 1 of the Agent Melanie Ward Novels)
Kate Mathis
4 star romantic suspense
Meet secret agent Melanie Ward, who quits the spy game, after 10 years, when a justly earned promotion is snatched away by her nemesis, the arrogant and smug, Son-of-a-Senator, Agent Finn Parker.

GOTU – A Robin Marlette Novel
Mike McNeff
4+ star thriller
When a drug cartel attacks a cop, the rules apply. When they attack a cop’s family, there are no rules.

Academic Body
Shirley S. Allen
5 star cozy mystery
A retired theatrical director struggles with a new career as drama professor at a small, Maine college while trying to woo his wife away from the New York stage. When he finds himself a murder suspect, he becomes a reluctant sleuth with only three weeks in which to solve all three problems.

Reinventing Mike Lake
R.W. Jones
5 star contemporary fiction
When Mike Lake’s wife unexpectedly passed away, he needed a change to help overcome his despair. He chose to hit the open road with his faithful dog, Bahama, as his co-pilot.


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