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The Harvard Trainer – FREE

The Harvard Trainer
T. Scott McLeod
5 stars

Classic literary fiction/Buddhism
At what price do we sell our souls?

Subtle compromises; false promises; empty dreams.

Chasing things we thought we wanted, only to realize when we got them, they weren’t what we were seeking, at all.

Thomas McAllister awakes, unable to live the life he’d been living. Some whispering within him, subtle at first, calling him on an adventure – to where, he doesn’t know.

Giving it all up, abandoning it, letting it go, the life he used to live. Taking to the road; having adventures. In search of self, in search of some meaning that goes beyond the material veneer of this commercial world. Was everyone asleep? Did others experience this calling? Surely he must not be the only one.

Seeing things in a new way, finding new perspectives, Thomas arrives at his family’s farm in Canada, returning to his roots. How can you know where you are, if you don’t know where you came from? Living with his Uncle Bud, Thomas discovers the Harvard Trainer and also discovers himself.

An anthem to freedom, an ode to the road journey, a manifesto of personal liberation, the ultimate ballad of the broken heart, The Harvard Trainer will take you on a ride you will never forget.


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