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FREEBIES for the Kids!

Fresh Freebies from our Facebook page, KotC Kids, that features daily deals and freebies for your youngest Kindle readers!

The Terrible Five-The Hollow Tree people
Neil Willis
New release for ages 7+

The Kingdom of the Bears
Michael Wallace
4 star fantasy/adventure for ages 9-12!

The Secret Witch
Ellie Alexandre
Unrated fiction for ages 9+

Blankie Buddies Save the Day (Blankie Buddies Series)
Joy Findlay
New release for ages 2-6!

Dusky, The Foolish Wolf
Bernstein Gabriela
New release for ages 4-8!

Prepare for Calculus – Flash Cards
Ian Carter
Unrated math skills reference

Beginners Algebra Practice – Vol 1 (Eton School Prep)
Steven Smith
Unrated math skills reference


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One thought on “FREEBIES for the Kids!

  1. Dan Popescu on said:

    My 6 year old son, really enjoyed “Dusky the foolish wolf”.
    Thank you.

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