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FREE Bible Study of Leah, Rachel, and Jacob!

The Story of Leah: When Life Is Not What You Expected It To Be
Angela Craig
5 stars

Sometimes life is not what we dreamed of because of the situations we create. Other times it is not what we expected because of the circumstances into which we are born.

As we travel through The Story of Leah together, you will find that Leah faced this same question. Sometimes Leah’s life was not what she expected because of what others did. Then there were other times when her life was not what she expected because of her own actions. Regardless, Leah’s story is filled with drama.

If you have never studied the story of Leah, Rachel, and Jacob, I think you will be fascinated with the storyline of rivalry, conflict, deception, envy, oppression, and final redemption. But what I don’t want you to miss is how God can take an ancient story and make it relevant to our world today!


FREE YA Christian Fiction!

Saving Sailor: A Novel
Renee Riva
4+ star contemporary fiction
Set in a simpler time, Saving Sailor is a heartwarming tale of how hearts can change and relationships can be restored with God’s help.

Moon White: Color Me Enchanted with Bonus Content
Melody Carlson
4 star  contemporary fiction
Tugged between fear and hope, Heather puts herself in unexpected danger that leads her to the lowest point of her life. There, however, she uncovers an unknown secret about her deceased mother and meets a compassionate stranger who leads her on a quest she never could have imagined.

FREE Christian Fiction

Love Finds You in Amana, Iowa
Melanie Dobson
4+ star historical romance
As the rest of the nation is embroiled in Civil War, the Amana Colonies remain peaceful. Amalie Wiese arrives in the newly built village of Amana in 1863 only to find that her betrothed, Friedrich, has left to fight with the Union army. Amalie tries to overcome her worries as she sets up a communal kitchen.

Thirty Days Hath…
Chautona Havig
4+ star contemporary romance
Blind Dates Are for Wimps!
At least, that’s what Adric Garrison thinks.
Can you blame him? Thanks to his sister and brother-in-law, Adric is about to embark on a year of month-long, chaperoned, blind dates. Awkward. He didn’t ask for it. But Adric still finds himself living what seems more like a bad TV reality show than a new life in Fairbury.

Stepping Into Sunlight
Sharon Hinck
4+ star suspense
After Penny Sullivan witnesses a shocking crime, her world tips sideways. Suddenly things like getting groceries, mowing the grass, and returning phone calls are more than she can handle. But with her husband away at sea and her seven-year-old son depending on her, hiding in the closet isn’t an option.

Burning at the Boss (A Johnny Ravine Mystery)
Martin Roth
5 star mystery/thriller
Pastor Jim Reezall is renowned as the hellfire preacher always calling down fire and brimstone on the sinners of the world. So when he dies in a wild bushfire there are some who believe he got what he deserved. Enter private detective Johnny Ravine, asked by the pastor’s daughter – with whom he is trying to develop a relationship – to solve the mystery of the death.

Hot: A Novel with Bonus Content
Laura L. Smith
4 star YA romance
Lindsey feels alone, like no one truly understands her. That is, until she meets Noah, who possesses a calm self-confidence that Lindsey craves. But what price will she pay to escape to the comfort of Noah’s soft words and strong arms? This novel uses the power of story to challenge teens to discover the relevance of faith.

FREE Christian Fiction and Nonfiction

Joyful Journey: 28 Days in Philippians
Teri Lynne Underwood
Unrated Bible study

Messy Church: A Multigenerational Mission for God’s Family
Ross Parsley
5 stars, church ministry

What the Hell: How Did We Get it So Wrong? Eternity, Grace, and the Message of Love
Jackson Baer
4 star Christianity, theology

Danny Gospel
David Athey
4+ star contemporary fiction

Around the World in 80 Dates: Confessions of a Christian Serial Dater (Sydney Alexander Series, Book 1)
Christa A Banister
4+ star contemporary fiction/romance

Victoria Grace, Courageous Patriot (The Eleanor Series)
Eleanor Clark
New release historical fiction for age 8-12

FREE Christian Fiction and Nonfiction!

Amazing Adventures, Creative Connections, and Daring Deeds: 40 Ideas That Put Feet to Your Family’s Faith
Tim Simpson (Author), Alison Simpson (Author)
4+ star family devotional guide

Angry: A Novel with Bonus Content
Laura L. Smith
4 star YA contemporary fiction

Wedded to War (Heroines Behind the Lines)
Jocelyn Green
Unrated new release

FREE Christian Fiction and Nonfiction!

Soul Virgins: Redefining SINGLE Sexuality
Michael Todd Wilson (Author), Doug Rosenau (Author)
5 stars
Pioneering Christian sex therapists Doug Rosenau and Michael Todd Wilson team up in this helpful and hopeful book about understanding sexuality and intimacy beyond what our “do it if it feels good” culture says it is. Providing a much-needed spiritual perspective to the sexuality debate, the authors tackle difficult topics from a biblical foundation to help single adults establish practical models for maintaining purity and creating a healthy sexuality.

First Steps Devotions for Families with Young children
Paul J. Loth
4 stars
First Steps gives you the special opportunity to pass along to your children you spiritual insights and love for the Lord—in a way that is enjoyable for them and for you. These devotions are designed to be read to the young child (age 3-6) and for the older children (6-9) to read them by themselves.

TOWARD A NEW BEGINNING – Book One of The Arkansas Valley Series
r. William Rogers (Author), Al Lacy (Introduction)
4 star historical fiction
This book is the 2003 Christy Award Winner for “Excellence In Christian Fiction.”
Although Sam Bartlett enjoyed a successful horse-supplying business in Independence, Missouri, he was none-the-less envious of the hundreds of folks who passed through on their way west. Unable to stand it any longer, he convinces his wife, Judith, to pull up stakes, pack up their three-year-old son, Tom, and accompany him on a journey that turns out to be much more than either of them could have imagined.

FREE Christian Fiction and Nonfiction!

A Place of Healing: Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering, Pain, and God’s Sovereignty
Joni Eareckson Tada
5 stars, $12 value!
In this eloquent account of her current struggle with physical pain, Joni Eareckson Tada offers her perspective on divine healing, God’s purposes, and what it means to live with joy.

Dead Reckoning
Ronie Kendig
4 stars, $9 value!
Dead Reckoning is the story of a young woman anxious to abandon the crushing effects of her father’s espionage career only to find herself tangled in the very web of mystery and intrigue that consumed his life.

Wildflowers of Terezin
Robert Elmer
4 stars, $9 value!
Wildflowers of Terezin is a sweeping historical novel set against a backdrop of danger. A Danish Lutheran pastor’s complacent faith is stretched to the breaking point during World War II when he meets a young Jewish nurse Hanne Abrahamsen and becomes deeply involved in Resistance efforts to save Denmark’s Jews from the Nazi prison camp at Terezin, Czechoslovakia—also known as Theresienstadt.

The Narrow Path
Gail Sattler
4 stars, $9 value!
The Narrow Path is a story about a couple who must face their differences and learn to work together as they look toward a lifetime of love.

Rally ‘Round Green (The Green Series)
Judy Pace Christie
5 stars, $9 value!
As Green continues to recover from a horrendous tornado, newlyweds Lois and Chris just want to return to a normal life in their home on Route Two.

Valeria’s Cross
Kathi Macias
3+ stars, $9 value!
In the 3rd century, pampered Roman princess Valeria falls in love with Mauritius, captain of the Theban Legion. She sends him off to battle, where he suffers under the schemes of a notorious pagan general with an ambition for power and a lust for Valeria. In a scene based on true events, the evil Galerius kills Mauritius and his entire legion for their Christian faith.

Deep Green: Color Me Jealous with Bonus Content
Melody Carlson
4+ stars, $8 value!
Jordan Ferguson and Shawna Frye became good friends when Jordan made cheerleader. But when Timothy suddenly dumps Shawna to start seeing Jordan, rumors fly. Shawna gets her revenge, first by smearing Jordan’s reputation, then by tempting Timothy with an offer he can’t refuse. Jordan feels absolutely green with envy–so much so that she considers doing everything in her power to get Tim back. Everything.

In Between: A Katie Parker Production (Act 1) with Bonus Content – FREE!

In Between: A Katie Parker Production (Act 1) with Bonus Content
Jenny B. Jones
5 star YA suspense/Christian fiction

Katie’s rebellious attitude is at odds with her family, school, and classmates. But in the midst of a dark situation, Katie finds light in the most unexpected places.

Includes bonus chapter taken from On the Loose by Jenny B. Jones.

FREE Christian Fiction!

Amy Inspired (Amy Gallagher)
Bethany Pierce
3+ star historical fiction

The Fence My Father Built
Linda S. Clare
4 star contemporary fiction

Hearts That Survive: A Novel of the Titanic
Yvonne Lehman
4+ historical fiction

Griselda Takes Flight: A Novel of Bright’s Pond
Joyce Magnin
4+ star contemporary fiction

The Dead Saint (Bishop Lynn Peterson)
Marilyn Brown Oden
3+ star suspense

Inspirational Fiction for ages 9-12!

Prince Tennyson
Jenni James
5 stars

Ten-year-old Chelsea Tennyson decides to take matters into her own hands and prove once and for all if an invisible God is really there.

Chelsea’s dad, Prince Tennyson—the nickname he earned for being so dashing in uniform—died last year in the Iraq war. After a mental breakdown, her mother moves the family to live with their grandmother in Phoenix. But before long, it becomes clear the entire family is suffering the loss of a man who was pivotal in the shaping of their lives. Her mom doesn’t believe God exists anymore, but Chelsea is afraid to believe it too, because if He doesn’t exist then she’ll never see her prince again…

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