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The Beekeepers Digest: Recipes and Formulas – FREE

The Beekeepers Digest: Recipes and Formulas
Deborah Dolen
5 stars

The Beekeeper’s Digest was initially written by Deborah Dolen in London for 3rd world countries to learn how to make finished products with their bee by-products. Her book teaches how to use every part of bee by products; beeswax, honey, and pollen to their utmost finished product potential, as well as the healing properties of bee by products.

The Beekeeper’s Digest is loaded with craft ideas, recipes and formula’s [the initial purpose] for making lip balm, candles, beeswax hearts, lotion, hand crème’s, bee pollen products, healing salves, infused honey, medicinal syrups and the list is endless! A great read for any bee enthusiast! The Beekeeper’s Digest is a beautiful journey into the life of bees, which includes a story for children.

Deborah Dolen’s favorite recipes and formula’s include; a very easy to make Honey-o-Bit Honey Nougat candy recipe, Basic Honey Cough Syrup with Lemon and Glycerin: United Kingdom, and Gardeners Hand Crème, just to name a few.


Learn how to Decorate Cupcakes like a Pro for FREE!

How To Decorate Cupcakes
Christine Matthews
4 stars

If you are throwing any sort of celebration today, there is nothing as sure to garner you the giddy approval, or to inspire the sheer childlike joy from your guests than a plate full of designer cupcakes. Cupcakes bring to mind the happy days of childhood parties. People love to marvel at them as much, or more, than they love to eat them! Just picture a multi-level cake stand, brimming on each level with cupcakes in every color of the rainbow – some with shaved, white chocolate curly-cue tops, some chock full of M & M’s, some with chocolate chip studded minty fondant, and happily, some with just sprinkles and a classic, buttercream swirl cap. Yummm…

Now with this easy-to-follow guide in hand anyone can learn how to both make and decorate cupcakes just like a professional!

Do You Speak Dog? – FREE

Do You Speak Dog? How to Easily Train Your Dog By Communicating With Him On HIS Level
Lee Dobbins
3+ stars

Even the most unruly dog can be trained if you just know how to talk to him!

If you are a dog owner, you probably already know how challenging dog training can be. Dogs have their own personality and their own ideas about what they want to do and it’s not always what you want them to do. Couple that with the fact that most people aren’t born being able to simply “whisper” to dogs and get them to do their bidding and you have a recipe for frustration.

All dogs are not created equal so it stands to reason that not all dogs should be trained the same way.

In fact, in order for dog training to be successful, you have to learn how to talk your dogs language. Not just “dog language” the language that your specific dog talks.

The mistake that most people make with dog training is to try to get the dog to understand them, when they should be working to understand the dog. And that’s what this book will help you do – talk to your dog in a language that HE will understand!

Once you do that, you will find that dog training is not only easy and fun but you will quickly be able to turn your dog into the obedient companion you always wanted.

FREE Photography book!

Macro Moments V2
David Wayne
New release!

Macro Moments is a photo gallery of nature art in closeup mode. The images are seasoned with commentary, information on the subject matter, and explanations of photographic techniques. The book is published at irregular intervals with cascading volume numbers. It serves the following purposes:

1 – Image gallery for those who admire and appreciate natural artistry.
2 – Inspirational subjects, scenes and models for artists.
3 – Sharing of techniques for macro photography with compact cameras.

DSLR Photography – Simple Techniques to Create Great Pictures – FREE

DSLR Photography – Simple Techniques to Create Great Pictures with your DSLR Camera
Darren Rowland
4+ stars

You will learn about:

– ISO Settings
– Pixel Dimensions
– How Incorrect Exposure can Impact Your Photo
– Adjusting Levels and Curves
– Balancing Color
– Image Sharpening
– Magnification
– Resolution
– Understanding Bit Depth
– Resizing for the Web
– Photo Enlargements
– Converting Color Photos into Black & White
– Colorizing Black and White Images
– Digital Restorations

…and More!

So if you are looking for a “No Filler” DSLR Photography book, this is the one for you!

Your Millionaire Attitude – FREE

Your Millionaire Attitude
Pam Brossman
5 star nonfiction/Business and Investing/Motivation

In this book Pam Brossman, Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer and Consultant, shares with you tips, tools strategies and examples of how she reactivated her Millionaire Attitude after facing financial ruin whilst going through a family tragedy all at the same time.

“I believe everyone is born with the Success Factor and ability to succeed at whatever they want in life, but somewhere along the way people have stopped living the dream”. This personal development book has been created with the sole purpose of reactivating that motivation and attitude to inspire you to get back out there and live the life you were born to live.

It Takes An Egg Timer, A Guide To Creating The Time For Your Life – FREE

It Takes An Egg Timer, A Guide To Creating The Time For Your Life
Joanne Tombrakos
5 stars

One of the biggest excuses for not creating the change we want is that we are convinced we just don’t have the time. We’re already on overload. How can we possibly fit one more thing in? We’re convinced we have not a moment to do those things we have to do, much less what we yearn most to.

It Takes An Egg Timer, a Guide to Creating the Time for Your Life intends to prove that excuse wrong. You do have enough time-for everything you have to do and want to, and then some. It’s just a question of what you are letting get in the way.

This is not your typical book on time management. It is part guide and part manifesto. It offers uncomplicated solutions that start with a very simple tool, the egg timer. It is written not just for the self-employed and entrepreneurs struggling to keep themselves on task, productive and happy but also for those who simply dream about making a change in their life, big or small, and are convinced that what is stopping them is not enough time.

Informative and entertaining, It Takes An Egg Timer will inspire and motivate you to examine how you use and misuse your time. At the end you will no longer ask yourself whether you have the time to do what you want, but what you will do with it now that you’ve found it.

Love, Like Dim Sum – A look at Life in Virtual Reality, FREE

Love, Like Dim Sum
Lea Tesoro
3+ stars

Virtual reality worlds are emerging as the next standard in social network platforms, adding a surprisingly powerful dimension to online communications and relationships. That extra dimension is creating strong emotional bonds between strangers – often unexpectedly – every day, all over the real world.

Because virtual reality is still in its infancy, we are learning much, not only about the technology, but also about the unique social aspects of virtuality and the consequences that result from them.

In “Love, Like Dim Sum,” Lea Tesoro (known in Second Life as Opal Lei) shares the lessons and insights that she gained from her personal experiences and observations as a resident of Second Life – relationship lessons that apply to romantic affairs or platonic friendships, personal connections or business contacts, virtual world or real world.

Whether you are a virtual world “oldbie” or “newbie,” even if you’ve never been inside a virtual world yet, and especially if your loved one spends time inside a virtual world, learn how virtual worlds are redefining relationships, identity, and even reality itself.

The Intentional Networker – FREE

The Intentional Networker – Attracting more relationships, referrals & results in business
Patti DeNucci
5 stars

Are you investing time and money to attend networking events? Are you meeting people and exchanging business cards, but not getting the results you want? Are you hesitant to network at all because it’s unpleasant, frustrating, time-consuming, and ineffective? Many books on the topic of networking and business relationships encourage you to get out there, network as much as possible, and exchange dozens of business cards.

Not so fast! Networking and business referral expert Patti DeNucci believes you could be trying too hard, networking too much, and doing so without enough planning and focus. What’s more, you could be networking in the wrong places, with the wrong people, and in ways that could sabotage your reputation and your chances of attracting what you want. In response, Patti wrote The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business, a book that teaches you a more holistic, purposeful, and effective approach to networking.

The Frugal Gourmet: Secrets to Saving Thousands in the Kitchen – FREE

The Frugal Gourmet: Secrets to Saving Thousands in the Kitchen
Charmaine Gerber
5 stars

Author and official coupon fashionista, Charmaine Gerber has had nearly a two decades of experience in the fine art of frugalness in the kitchen and she estimates she saves her family around 5 thousand dollars a year with a simple system that anyone can implement.

Despite her frugalness in the kitchen her family is well fed and they enjoy healthy, delicious meals every time.

The secret according to Charmaine is simple “It is a combination of smart planning, shopping and cooking. It isn’t rocket science, but if you follow my guide, I will show you hundreds of tips that will save you thousands of dollars in the kitchen every year and also leave your family healthier as a result. The choice is yours, you can harness all of my tips and save even more money or select which tips are right for you and still enjoy significant savings.”

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