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It’s a Long Way to Malta – FREE

It’s a Long Way to Malta
Paddy Cummins

Malta is a feast to the eye and a tug on the heart. Pastel colored rocks, dry stone walls, little farms of greenery, cute little inlets with multicolored fishing boats, delightful baroque architecture, magnificent church domes, a perfect climate, a leisurely pace of life, charming people, all embraced by a warm blue Mediterranean.
It has become my color postcard, but now I must share it with two million other visitors who come each year, lucky like me, to have discovered this little Heaven.
“Paddy Cummins has created a gripping and emotional book that captivates at every turn of the page. Endlessly fascinating, tensely absorbing, with humorous anecdotes. This is classic travel writing – a brilliant read.”
Michael K Hayes. Renowned Travel Writer. BBC Radio Presenter.



The Charlestown Connection
Tom MacDonald
4+ star suspense
Dermot Sparhawk, a former All American Boston College football hero, is stacking cans in a parish food pantry in Boston’s Charlestown, when his godfather, Jeepster Hennessey, shows up with a knife in his back and dies at Dermot’s feet. Once slated for a professional football career, now a recovering alcoholic, with a torn-up knee, Dermot sets out to solve the murder of his godfather with the help of his Micmac Indian cousin, his paraplegic tenant, and a former teammate.

Last Romanov
Dora Levy Mossanen
4 star historical fiction
She was an orphan, ushered into the royal palace on the prayers of her majestry. Yet, decades later, her time spent in the embrace of the Romanovs haunts her still. Is she responsible for those murderous events that changed everything? If only she can find the heir, maybe she can put together the broken pieces of her own past-maybe she can hold on to the love she found. Bursting to life with the rich and glorious marvels of Imperial Russia, The Last Romanov is a magical tale of second chances and royal blood.

Seven Patients
Atul Kumar
5 star medical thriller
Getting into medical school was easy. The hard part was staying out of jail. Third year medical student Raj Mok is excited about starting his clinical rotations. Finally, he’ll be taking care of real patients instead of just reading about diagnoses and treatments in his countless medical tomes. Unfortunately, Raj quickly learns that patients don’t behave like his beloved books led him to believe.

Open Heart (Farsighted Series)
Emlyn Chand
4+ star YA paranormal
*Although Open Heart is the second book in the Farsighted series, it can stand on its own.*
Simmi Shergill’s life is a mess. Her powers of psychic feeling are on the fritz, and Grandon Township’s sudden population boom has brought quite a few unsavory characters to town.

The Good Luck Charm (The Good Luck Series)
Leanne Tyler
5 star romantic comedy novella
When she’s given a good luck charm she’s skeptical about the magic of true love or finding her soul mate. But when things start to heat up between her and Darren, can she truly ignore it? Or will he be the one man who can ruin her career?

Wise Follies
Grace Wynne-Jones
New release contemporary romance
What Alice thinks she needs is Mr Wonderful. A man like her pottery teacher, James Mitchel, who’s warm and wise and gorgeous. But as one long, hot summer disappears with no sign of her snaring the man of her dreams, Alice is forced to consider the alternatives.

Dream Baby
Bruce McAllister
5 star sci-fi adventure
McAllister’s first novel is a stunning tour de force. After enlisting in the Army as a nurse, young Mary Damico develops a “talent” for dreaming about the future, a device that allows the author to portray the Vietnam War with unforgettable power. Her ability to “see” the soldiers who will be her patients before they in fact are wounded proves devastating to Mary, but not to Col. John Bucannon, who is heading up a CIA experiment to determine the potential of such psychic gifts in warfare. – Publishers Weekly

FREE Memoirs!

Hiking Through: One Man’s Journey to Peace and Freedom on the Appalachian Trail
Paul V. Stutzman
5 stars
After Paul Stutzman lost his wife to breast cancer, he sensed a tug on his heart–the call to a challenge, the call to pursue a dream. Paul left his stable career, traveled to Georgia, and took his first steps on the Appalachian Trail. What he learned during the next four and a half months changed his life–and will change readers’ lives as well.

Run Away (One Woman’s Story of Resilience)
Jeanhee Kang
5 stars
Though often faced with insurmountable odds, Jeanhee Kang has made a tremendous journey halfway around the world — a journey filled with heartbreaking, emotional trials — and she has survived it all. This tale of her inspirational underdog story is dedicated to the 50 million American women who face similar hardships every day.

Here’s to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire: An Absent-Minded Tale of Life with Giftedness and Attention Deficit – Oh Look! A Chicken!
Stacey Turis
4+ stars
Did you know that if you forget to pay a speeding ticket you WILL get arrested—in front of your kids, the neighbors—the dog—and anyone else who happens to be there? True story. And the thing is, Stacey Turis has a million of them, and she imparts these and other nuggets of wisdom to offer others suffering from ADHD some hope in knowing that they are not alone.

Lying (Kindle Single) – FREE

Lying (Kindle Single)
Sam Harris
4 star nonfiction

As it was in Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary, and Othello, so it is in life. Most forms of private vice and public evil are kindled and sustained by lies. Acts of adultery and other personal betrayals, financial fraud, government corruption—even murder and genocide—generally require an additional moral defect: a willingness to lie.

In Lying, bestselling author and neuroscientist Sam Harris argues that we can radically simplify our lives and improve society by merely telling the truth in situations where others often lie. He focuses on “white” lies—those lies we tell for the purpose of sparing people discomfort—for these are the lies that most often tempt us. And they tend to be the only lies that good people tell while imagining that they are being good in the process.

FREE YA title – Memory’s Wake!

Memory’s Wake
Selina Fenech
5 star YA (young adult) fantasy

Lost in a world full of monstrous fairies, a troubled sixteen year old has to find out who she is and why her memories were stolen before she is found by those who want her dead.

She takes the name “Memory” and knows she has just one goal – to find her way home, wherever that is. But this land is strange. No technology to be seen, and iron is banned, thanks to a pact the humans have with the magical creatures who share their pre-industrial era world. In her t-shirt and torn jeans, Memory knows she’s different, even before she performs impossible magic.

FREE Romance!

Sleeping In The Middle (Comfort Club)
Kari Lee Harmon
5 star contemporary romance
Zoe Robinson—a control freak mother of four—has been celibate for the past two years after her husband decided he didn’t want to be married anymore. She’s come to like sleeping in the middle and has no intention of shopping her granny panties and ultra-support bra around anytime soon. Her focus remains on taking her party planning business to the next level, despite her ruthless competition.

Single and Searching
Rita Herron
5 star contemporary romance
A woman looking for love…
A reporter looking for a story…
A mad rush to find a criminal…
When the truth comes out and danger strikes, will they succumb to the passion burning between them?

Love Will Find A Way
Barbara Freethy
4+ star contemporary romance
Rachel fell in love at nineteen with a man who came into her life on a whirlwind of sunlight and romance. She married Gary Tanner, had his son, and thought she would live happily ever after. But fate had other plans. Gary died in a tragic accident … at least she thought it was an accident. Now, there are questions that need to be answered, and only one man she can turn to, Gary’s best friend, Dylan.

Box of Runes (An Epic Fantasy Collection) – FREE

Box of Runes (An Epic Fantasy Collection)
J. Thorn
4+ stars

Box of Runes (An Epic Fantasy Collection) contains three full-length novels and one novella, all of which span the early career of J. Thorn. The Arrival and The Reckoning are Books I and II in the Burden of Conquest series, Gold Within is its own standalone historical fantasy, and Revenant is a novella written in conjunction with a Threefold Law recording of the same name.


ER or, The Brassbound Beauty, The Bearded Bicyclist, and the Gold-colored Teen-age Grandfather
Shepherd Mead
5 star literary fiction/humor
Who is ‘ER? What is she? A medieval beauty whose likeness was carved on a brass burial plate back in the 14th century…Switch to the 1960’s. The lady is still snugly interred at the bottom of what is now an English garden attached to a rented house in the sleep town of Poke-on-Thames. Along comes a schoolteacher-archaeology buff fresh out of St. Louis, Missouri, who exhumes her from a bed of dahlia corms. The discovery—a rare and valuable find—sets off a chain of events that shatters the town’s perennial tranquility to its staid foundations.

Never Count Out The Dead
Boston Teran
Newer release suspense
Award winning author Boston Teran takes us into the soul of a Mephistophelian tale about a mother who raises her daughter to be a murderess. Their target – a policeman. He is lured into the desert where he is shot and buried in a shallow grave. Fate divines he does not die. But a conspiracy is in play. His reputation is destroyed, his life ruined.

Blue Mercy
Orna Ross
New release suspense
Mercy Mulcahy has devoted her life to protecting her daughter, Star, from neglect and cruelty – especially from the tyranny of her father, Star’s grandfather. Now she stands accused of killing this elderly man. An assisted suicide? Or something more sinister?

Lies of the Prophet
Ike Hamill
4+ star thriller
Lynne’s new job seems simple enough. All she has to do is look at dead people and spot the ones who might come back to life. Ever since Gregory burst out of his cheap coffin at his own funeral, you can’t trust a corpse to stay dead.

Shadows from the Grave
T. L. Haddix
4+ star romantic suspense
When it comes to murder, the past is never really dead…For ten years, Chase Hudson has carried the weight of his college girlfriend’s unsolved murder on his shoulders. When a ghost from the past comes calling, Chase’s friends and family become the targets of a serial killer who’ll stop at nothing to make Chase suffer. Now, Chase is in a race against time to convince the authorities of his innocence, and catch the real killer.

Secrets (The Michelli Family Series Book #1)
Kristen Heitzmann
4+ star romantic suspense
Lance Michelli is on a quest to discover the secrets his grandmother cannot tell. What happened all those years ago, and what is it she so desperately needs him to find? The old villa in Sonoma holds the answers, but it is now owned by a young woman who neither knows nor cares about his mission.

Dead Men Are Easy To Love
Hillary Kanter
5 star time travel romance/humor
Question: What do Clark Gable, Ernest Hemingway, and Vincent Van Gogh all have in common, besides being famous and dead? Answer: They all loved Ariel Richards, a modern-day time-traveling woman who visited with each of them in the past, and inspired some of the greatest works of their times.

My Temporary Life
Martin Crosbie
4+ star romantic suspense
From the very first sentence, we’re drawn into the harsh Scotland schoolboy world of Malcolm and Hardly. Malcolm’s summers in Canada with his mother offer little comfort. He survives by running; running through the streets, running between Scotland and Canada, running from himself and his past. Flash ahead 20 years. In Canada, Malcolm meets Heather, a woman haunted by an evil secret. When they camp at the Lake at the end of the World, they discover there is nowhere left to run, for either of them.

Kill the Competition (a humorous romantic mystery)
Stephanie Bond
4 star romantic suspense
There’s only one sure way to get to the top: Kill the competition. Four women who carpool to their jobs in midtown Atlanta learn that competition can be murder, y’all!

FREE Crazy Ideas!

Just a Bunch of Crazy Ideas
Pardu Ponnapalli
5 stars

This is the 3rd edition of this book. The 3rd edition contains an additional chapter on Japan, the tsunami and nuclear reactor safety. This book is about thoughts and ideas on a wide range of subjects. The topics include building a space elevator, new approaches to space travel, Star Trek reboot themes, ideas for energy conservation, what to do about our federal debt, modifying the game of chess and others.

Do You Speak Dog? – FREE

Do You Speak Dog? How to Easily Train Your Dog By Communicating With Him On HIS Level
Lee Dobbins
3+ stars

Even the most unruly dog can be trained if you just know how to talk to him!

If you are a dog owner, you probably already know how challenging dog training can be. Dogs have their own personality and their own ideas about what they want to do and it’s not always what you want them to do. Couple that with the fact that most people aren’t born being able to simply “whisper” to dogs and get them to do their bidding and you have a recipe for frustration.

All dogs are not created equal so it stands to reason that not all dogs should be trained the same way.

In fact, in order for dog training to be successful, you have to learn how to talk your dogs language. Not just “dog language” the language that your specific dog talks.

The mistake that most people make with dog training is to try to get the dog to understand them, when they should be working to understand the dog. And that’s what this book will help you do – talk to your dog in a language that HE will understand!

Once you do that, you will find that dog training is not only easy and fun but you will quickly be able to turn your dog into the obedient companion you always wanted.

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