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The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier (Enhanced) – Just 3.99!

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier (Enhanced) [Kindle Edition With Audio/Video]
Ree Drummond
4+ stars
Kindle Edition with Audio/Video
Audio/Video content only available for iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touch devices.

The enhanced e-book edition of The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier gives you behind-the-scenes access to Ree at home on her ranch. In it you’ll find videos of Ree cooking a bunch of her favorite recipes, six recipes not found in the book, and Ree’s list of her favorite movies and songs to cook to.


Learn how to Decorate Cupcakes like a Pro for FREE!

How To Decorate Cupcakes
Christine Matthews
4 stars

If you are throwing any sort of celebration today, there is nothing as sure to garner you the giddy approval, or to inspire the sheer childlike joy from your guests than a plate full of designer cupcakes. Cupcakes bring to mind the happy days of childhood parties. People love to marvel at them as much, or more, than they love to eat them! Just picture a multi-level cake stand, brimming on each level with cupcakes in every color of the rainbow – some with shaved, white chocolate curly-cue tops, some chock full of M & M’s, some with chocolate chip studded minty fondant, and happily, some with just sprinkles and a classic, buttercream swirl cap. Yummm…

Now with this easy-to-follow guide in hand anyone can learn how to both make and decorate cupcakes just like a professional!

Quick & Easy Greek Yogurt Recipes – FREE

Quick & Easy Greek Yogurt Recipes: 47 Delicious “Almost Vegetarian” Greek Yogurt Dishes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (Quick & Easy Meatless Recipes)
Patty Douglass
5 stars

Did you know that Greek Yogurt is one of the most versatile, delicious, and healthiest foods on the planet? From salads to sandwiches, omelets to elegant entrees, and dips to desserts, Greek Yogurt is the one irresistible ingredient that you never knew about.

Patty Douglass (a.k.a. “The Meatless Mom”) has been cooking these secret recipes for her own family for years. They’ve passed the “7-year-old boy test,” and now she is sharing these tried-and-true breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes with your family as well.

These may very well be the tastiest Greek Yogurt recipes on the planet!


Circle of Friends Cookbook – 25 Burger Recipes
Gooseberry Patch
3+ stars

The Big Book Of Power Juices
Ravi Kishore
5 stars

Dine With Us – FREE!

Dine With Us: A Collection of Recipes from the Authors of Indie Writers Unite
Cheryl Bradshaw
4+ stars

Dine With Us is a collection of recipes from the authors of Indie Writers Unite. It combines our most savory dishes with a sample from one of our novels, allowing you to get to know us while enjoying delicious food in the process.

Recipes are shared in the categories of: Appetizers, Breads, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Main Dishes and Desserts. Additionally, each recipe has step-by-step instructions along with a full-color photo.

What’s great about this cookbook is it’s unlike any other. The recipes are unique, many with a special meaning or significance, many with an authentic cultural background that you may have never heard of before, and that’s rare to come by anymore in a cookbook. Take Charlie Romo’s Musei Glowtizer for example; I guarantee you’ve never seen it or make it before.

FREE Food!

Chicken and Curry – Pakistani Home Cooking
Asiya Bajwani
4+ stars

30 Perfect Popcorn Recipes : How to Make Sweet & Savory Gourmet Popcorn at Home (The Green Gourmet)
Lori Jane Stewart
4+ stars

Pasta Noir: 40 Postmodern Pasta Recipes from Joyce to Hemingway, Freud to George Bush – FREE

Pasta Noir: 40 Postmodern Pasta Recipes from Joyce to Hemingway, Freud to George Bush (ReadTheFlavor)
Susan Cook-Abdallah (Author), Alberto Giuseppe (Author)
3+ stars

What might a Fitzgerald first course taste like? Or a Calvino spaghetti? That is, what spaghetti would taste like Calvino’s works? And how would Hemingway present his? Let alone Michelangelo…
A sort of food/words synesthesia, or Queneau pasta cookbook including poetry, prose, theater, radio broadcast, essay, treatise, press conference, television, and bloopers in film format. Both fiction and non, a parody that isn’t, or at least not only. With very real, mostly good, pasta recipes. And a lot of, mostly awful, humor.

FREE Cookbooks

31 Sensational Cold Pasta Salad Recipes
Jenny Collins
5 stars

“Take 10” CHOCOLATE Gluten Free Dessert Recipes Ed.1
Rosie Davis (Author), Jamie Davis (Author)
One 5 star rating

The Quinoa Cookbook: Everyday Superfood Recipes for a Gluten-Free Diet – FREE

The Quinoa Cookbook: Everyday Superfood Recipes for a Gluten-Free Diet
John Chatham
4+ stars
9.99 value!

You’ve read about quinoa’s myriad health benefits, noticed its migration on to menus, even learned how to correctly pronounce its name, and now the important part: How do you incorporate quinoa into your kitchen?

There’s little wonder why quinoa—a gluten-free, superfood rich in protein and antioxidants—has transformed from obscure ancient seed into modern culinary staple. While quinoa has become well-known, what is lesser known is that the grain-like food, often referred to as the perfect protein, can be incorporated into practically any recipe from breakfast to dessert. Fortunately, that’s where The Quinoa Cookbook enters the story.

IS IT DIFFICULT TO USE? One aspect of quinoa that you might not be aware of is that the superfood is easy to prepare. And The Quinoa Cookbook makes it even easier by offering hundreds of simple recipes to help you cut down on gluten (or eliminate it completely), lose weight and incorporate quinoa into your everyday life.

The versatile quinoa can serve as the main ingredient in recipes such as the delicious Quinoa Risotto With Mushrooms and Thyme. At the same time it is a healthy substitute as demonstrated in the Flourless Chocolate Cake or Quinoa Porridge.

FREE Cookbooks for you and the kids!

Top 30 Easy & Delicious Seafood Recipes (Top 30 Easy & Delicious Recipes)
Linda Roberts
5 stars

Sweet Potato Recipes: Top 37 Easy, Quick, Healthy & Delicious Sweet Potato Recipes. RED HOT!
Jamie Fynn
5 stars

Fry Bacon. Add Onions: The Valentine Family & Friends Cookbook
Kathleen Valentine
4 stars

Little Princess Easy Bake Oven Recipes
Jane Romsey
5 stars

Little Dudes Easy Bake Oven Recipes
Jane Romsey
4 stars

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