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FREEBIES for the Kids!

Fresh Freebies from our Facebook page, KotC Kids, that features daily deals and freebies for your youngest Kindle readers!

The Terrible Five-The Hollow Tree people
Neil Willis
New release for ages 7+

The Kingdom of the Bears
Michael Wallace
4 star fantasy/adventure for ages 9-12!

The Secret Witch
Ellie Alexandre
Unrated fiction for ages 9+

Blankie Buddies Save the Day (Blankie Buddies Series)
Joy Findlay
New release for ages 2-6!

Dusky, The Foolish Wolf
Bernstein Gabriela
New release for ages 4-8!

Prepare for Calculus – Flash Cards
Ian Carter
Unrated math skills reference

Beginners Algebra Practice – Vol 1 (Eton School Prep)
Steven Smith
Unrated math skills reference


FREE Historical fiction for ages 9-12!

The Further Adventures Of Ociee Nash
Milam McGraw Propst
5 star historical fiction for ages 9-12!

In the tradition of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Anne of Green Gables, Pollyanna and Laura Ingalls, the Ociee Nash series is filled with the sweet, funny, poignant and mischievous adventures of ten-year-old Ociee Nash, a likable tomboy who turns her grief over her mother’s death into a talent for recognizing lonely people who need a friend. Travel with Ociee as she, Papa, and brother Ben move to the bright lights of Memphis, Tennessee, where a “witch woman” captures Ociee’s tender heart.

P is for Princess: The Extraordinary Lives of 26 Real-Life Princesses – FREE

P is for Princess: The Extraordinary Lives of 26 Real-Life Princesses
Kerry Given
New release

In fairy tales, the story often ends when a girl becomes a princess. What happens next? “Happily ever after” … whatever that means.

In the real world, the story does not end when a girl becomes a princess. In fact, that’s usually when the most interesting part begins!

P is for Princess tells the stories of 26 extraordinary real-life princesses from around the world. It’s the perfect gift for any girl who’s ever dreamed of being a princess!

Kids read these titles FREE!

Titanic A to Z, The Story of the World’s Most Famous Shipwreck
Judy Nichols
5 stars
Titanic A to Z, the Story of the World’s Most Famous Shipwreck, is a children’s picture book that takes young readers, ages 5-9, through the alphabet to learn about the sinking of the Titanic. Authentic photos from 1912 make the true facts come alive as young readers learn about the Titanic without dwelling on the gloomy aspects.

Christopher Columbus and the Knights Templar (The Cunningham Kids Adventures)
Jon La Plante
New release adventure for ages 9-12
Following in the tradition of “The Goonies” and Indiana Jones, Christopher Columbus and the Knights Templar is one book your kids won’t want to put down!
In part to explore different story options, and in part because of a love of the storytelling style, this book is heavily influenced by “Choose You Own” adventure books. Christopher Columbus and the Knights Templar is a linear story; while choices occasionally can influence, they never alter the ultimate outcome.

FREEBIES for the Kids!

Ana says goodnight to the World
Ingka D. Jiw
Unrated, for preschoolers

Lionel’s Grand Adventure (Lionel and the Golden Rule)
Paul R. Hewlett
5 stars, ages 4-8

The Story Shell: A Tale of Friendship Bog (Friendship Bog Series)
Gloria Repp
5 stars, ages 8 and up

No Boys Allowed
Marilyn Levinson
5 stars, ages 9-12

A Series of Unfortunate Events #1: The Bad Beginning only .99!

A Series of Unfortunate Events #1: The Bad Beginning
Lemony Snicket
4 star action adventure for ages 9-12!

Save $6!
Imagine tales so terrible that as many as fifty million innocents have been ruined by them – tales so indelibly horrid that the New York Times bestseller list has been unable to rid itself of them for seven years. Now imagine if this scourge suddenly became available in a shameful new edition so sensational, so irresistible, so riddled with lurid new pictures that even a common urchin would wish for it. Who among us would be safe?

Begin at the beginning – evenif it is a bad one – with the first in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

FREE Tween Comedy Thriller!

Cousin Felicity and the Eels of Misty Point (The Misty Point Adventures)
Kaal Kaczmarek
5 star humor for tweens!

When Cousin Felicity hobbles and wobbles her way into the lives of Daniel and Sophie on Misty Point farm, all manner of dark mischief and mayhem ensues…..

The day after Felicity’s arrival, tragedy strikes the farm. Feathery friends lie dead and a killer is unaccounted for…..
Who can save the family and the farm? Brainy Daniel? Stroppy Sophie? Pouty Felicity? Slobbery Lucky?

Just like an eel there are many twists in this tale.

Cousin Felicity and the Eels of Misty Point is a playful, suspenseful comedy thriller set in New Zealand, written with a wink toward Huck Finn and to be enjoyed under torchlight by MG (Middle Grade), YA (Young Adult) and FY (Forever Young) readers everywhere.

5 star FREEBIES for the Kids!

My Monster Burrufu
Alberto Corral (Author), Alessandra Sorrentino (Illustrator)
Ages 5 and up!
Seven-year-old Olivia has just moved to a new house—the same house where a lonely monster named Burrufu lives hidden in a secret attic. One night, unable to resist the smell of delicious cookies, Burrufu sneaks out and is discovered by Olivia. The two soon learn that you can find friendship in the most unexpected places. ‘My Monster Burrufu’ is a story of fear overcome, a curse, and a most unusual monster who learns from a little girl how to trust his heart.

Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger (The Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar)
Lee Edward Födi
Ages 9-12
Everyone knows that the creatures of the outside world are forbidden by magic to enter the land of Een. That’s why Kendra Kandlestar is so surprised when a giant Unger arrives in the middle of the night to deliver a cryptic message: If she can find the Door to Unger, she will be able to unlock the truth about her long-lost family. But when Kendra finds herself trekking through the wilderness with a magic-peddling faun and a rebellious Unger, she begins to wonder if it’s all just a clever trap to lead her into the heart of danger. Whom can Kendra trust? There’s only one way to find out: peek through the Door to Unger and enter a world of magic, monsters, and mystery!

FREEBIES for the Kids!

The Bath Time Book – A Fun Children’s Picture Book (Sweet Dreams Bedtime Stories, book 1)
Michael Yu
5 stars, for preschoolers

If You’re So Smart, How Come You Can’t Spell Mississippi?(The Adventures of Everyday Geniuses)
Barbara Esham
5 stars, ages 6 and up

Life Through the Eyes of a Hurricane Doggie Dog
Tracy A. Spaine
5 stars, ages 6-9

The Disgusting Child
Christine McMahon
5 stars, ages 9-12

Cousins Forever (Snowy Cove)
Dalya Moon
New release for ages 9-12

THE CARD (A Van Stone Novel)
Jim Devitt
4+ star mystery for teens

FREEBIES for the Kids!

Strange Forces 1
Johnny Ray Barnes (Author), Marty M. Engle (Author)
5 stars
Ages 10 and up!

Charlie MacCready The Ghost In The Attic
James McCracken
5 stars
Ages 9-12

Into the Flames (Young Underground)
Robert Elmer
5 stars
Ages 9-12

Shadows on the School Grounds
B. C. Roger
New release
Ages 9-12

Samantha Loses the Box Turtle (Samantha Series of Chapter Books)
Daisy Griffin
5 stars
Ages 6-8

Dangelo Hunt
5 stars

A Bonus for Parents and Teachers!

LEARNZILLA: Guide to 30 Fun and Free Learning Websites to Help Elementary Students with Reading, Writing and Math
Joanne Kaattari (Author), Vicki Trottier (Author)

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